Cover for Astro-Physics 2.7" Field Flattener Threaded Side and Other Accessories with 2.7" Male Thread (A1225)

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This machined aluminum cover has a 2.7" female thread for attaching to the focuser side of any 2.7" Astro-Physics Prime Focus Field Flattener. Purchase as a replacement for a red plastic plug or a cover that may have been lost or damaged.

If you purchased a 2.7" field flattener that included red plastic plugs, this cover is available as part of a set along with the felted cover you will need for the other side of your flattener. Review our information regarding the Cover Set for Astro-Physics 2.7" Field Flatteners (CSET27FF). It is included with all new field flattener purchases, so there is no need to purchase any covers if you are ordering a flattener.

This part may also be used on any adapter, extension, or accessory that has a 2.7" male thread. Wondering if this will work with a specific part? Review the Accessory Reference Chart for 2.7" Threaded Covers.