0.650" CCD Adapter for Cameras and Field Flatteners or ADA2767 (A1263)

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Discontinued: No Longer Available

Historical information::
Please refer to description below.

The A1263 CCD adapter has been discontinued. Please contact our technical support team for alternative recommendations. 


The following historical information is provided for your reference.

CCD Adapter to use our 2.7" or 4" Field Flattener with 2.7" accessories. It is generally used in combination with our 2.7" extensions to match spacing requirements for CCD cameras. ADA2003 or ADA20132 Thumbscrew Adapters can be used to accept the 2" nosepiece of cameras.

This adapter has a net spacing distance of 0.62" (15.7 mm).

Exploded diagram showing these CCD adapters with the field flatteners and a variety of other accessories.

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