Mach2GTO makes its star party debut at Okie-Tex!

Mach2GTO makes its star party debut at Okie-Tex!

Posted by Marj on Sep 26th 2019

George and Liam are having a great time with our Mach2GTO and George's 1100GTO. The Mach2GTO is carrying our 160mm f7.5 StarFire and 92mm Stowaway with ease. George is imaging with his 130GTX while  guiding with his 10X60 Vario-Finder and the Guider Bracket.

Liam, our newest staff member (on the left), is experiencing total immersion this week as he is learning how to operate our mounts with the keypad and various software programs and trying his hand at imaging and processing. Howard issued Liam a challenge to take an image that he can use on his business card. 

We have the coolest business cards! Be sure to collect them when we see you at AIC in November. 

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