Eyepiece Projection Camera Adapter with Olympus T-Ring. (EPCTOLY)

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Astro-Physics Eyepiece Projection Camera Adapter is a two-part adapter. Use this unit with your film camera or DSLR to achieve higher powers and closer images of an object. It is particularly useful for photographing the moon or planets. This adapter can also be used in conjunction with a small chip CCD camera when attached to the camera’s T-thread.

The eyepiece projection unit accommodates 1.25" eyepieces with maximum eyepiece housing height of 2.25" and a 1.5" maximum outer diameter. Shorter eyepieces with wider outer diameters may also fit due to the gradual taper of the internal diameter of the unit, from 1.7" to 1.52." Because of the various different eyepieces currently on the market, we are unable to list specific eyepieces that will or will not work with this unit. Some experimenting may be required!

Available as an individual part or pre-assembled with your camera-specific T-ring.

Additional information for some T-Rings

EPCTOLY - Newer auto-focus and digital SLR's from Olympus will require an additional OM to 4/3-E adapter, available from Olympus.

EPCTMIN - NOT for Maxxum auto-focus or digital.

EPCTPTS - Pentax Screw Prime Focus Camera Adapter with Pentax screw mount T-ring for manual-focus 35mm SLR cameras using the 42mm Pentax screw mount. Includes manual-focus cameras from Pentax, Fujica, Mamiya, Ricoh, Vivitar, and Yashica.

EPCTCAN - NOT for Digital SLRs or EOS series.

 EPCTKON - NOT for auto-focus or digital cameras.