Losmandy Dovetail Adapter, fits D/V Series Plates (LMDVA)

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This single-clamp, female adapter is used to attach accessories to a male D-style (or V-style) plate on top of your scope or scope rings. Use one for a finder, a balance weight, a dew controller, or a 35 mm camera. Use two (one for each mounting ring) for piggybacking a guidescope or second smaller scope.

The plates are machined by Losmandy plates for lightness and rigidity from aluminum stock, then black anodized for a tough, corrosion free surface. They are laser engraved with a scale on the edge to allow for quicker setup. The plates may have some minor cosmetic flaws, for which we cannot be held responsible.

Intended use:
Dovetail plate adapter. Works with both D and V series plates.
Mounts to existing rings or telescopes. For use with dovetail plate. Once mounted, no tools are needed to interchange equipment. All required fasteners are included.

Weight: 7.25 oz.
Height from top of dovetail plate to top of DVA:
     D plates=.800"
     V plates=.550"
Hole spacing is 0.75" side-to-side and 1.75" front-to-back.