Mach1GTO Precision-Adjust Rotating Base/ Hi-Res Azimuth Adjuster Upgrade Kit (M1RAUP)

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The Mach1GTO Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Base / Hi-Res Azimuth Adjuster is standard on new mounts starting in 2011. In addition, it is being offered as a significant upgrade to previously shipped mounts (serial # 10463 or lower). This new assembly easily replaces the existing pier base by simple attachment with four ¼-20 socket head cap screws. Please note that you will remove the present azimuth adjustment knobs in order to install this base. This will leave two holes in the side plate where these knobs were located. 

There is no need for lockdown knobs as with earlier mounts. Instead, the CNC-machined two-part base fluidly rotates through a 13 degree range (+/- 6.5 degrees) while maintaining rigidity. Additionally, redesigning and shifting the azimuth adjuster knobs to the rear of the R.A. axis, provides easier access and nearly doubles the precision of their adjustments. An etched line on the adjuster housing corresponds with the ridges of the knobs to provide a measured adjustment of 0.7021 degrees per rotation or 0.05 degrees per ridge.

Shown to the right is a detail of the new azimuth adjuster component. Its location at the back of the mount provides smooth and accurate adjustments that are easily accessible.  m1raup-az-adj.jpg


  m1raup-comp-level.jpgShown to the left are the new, larger compass and level. The original lock-down knobs are no longer necessary and have been removed, allowing these items to be enlarged and repositioned for greater visibility and ease of use. 

The new Machined KnobKit (M1485KBKIT) with its three attractive CNC machined knobs is available separately. It will complete your Mach1GTO upgrade.

The upgrade kit includes: the Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Base / Hi-Res Azimuth Adjuster .