Machined Safety Stop Knob. 5/16"-18 thread - For 1.125" Diameter Counterweight Shafts. (MSSKB)

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You asked for it … now we’ve got it!

The Mach1GTO’s counterweight shaft is now “dressed up” with a one-piece safety stop.  No more fender washer and plastic knob.  We’re talking “Uptown” with a finely machined, anodized safety stop that provides safety for you and beauty for your mount.

Take the Mach1 to your next star party and feel “Dressed to the Nines”!

This Safety Stop also fits the 1.125” Counterweight Shafts of all 400, 600 and 800 mounts.  It is a one-piece assembly with a 5/16-18 thread.

It can also be used to replace the plastic knob on the older 1.875" counterweight shafts. However, it must be used with the original large washer so it is not as easy to grasp as the original knob.