Losmandy Polar Alignment Scope Adapter for 1100 & 1600 mounts (Q16030)

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If you own a 1100GTO, 1600GTO or some Mach1GTO mounts and wish to use the PASILL4, PASILL4L or PASILL3 that you already own, you will need to substitute this adapter for the one that originally came with your Polar Alignment Scope. It was designed to be thread into the 1.79" diameter opening on the back plate of the 1100GTO, 1600GTO and some Mach1GTO mounts (those shipped beginning 2014 with serial number M10670 or later).

Note: The Q16030 is shown as silver for easy identification. It is anodized black as a finished product.

When purchasing a new Losmandy Polar Scope a PASILL4-179 version can be purchased which already includes this adapter.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the adapter will fit all Losmandy polar scopes from prior years.