Polar Scope Cover for 900GTO Mounts shipped since October 2005 (Q9700)

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These covers allow you to keep your Polar Alignment Scope protected while remaining threaded in your mount. They were designed to work with all models of the polar alignment scopes that we have offered except the earliest PASILL and our Right-Angle Polar Alignment Scope (RAPAS). If you are uncertain which model polar scope you have, please compare yours with those pictured on this Polar Scope Identification page. We have provided information below for the Q12700 and Q9700 covers.

The Q12700 works on the following mounts:

  • All 400 mounts
  • All 1200 mounts, except the original black, metric mount
  • All 900 mounts shipped prior to October 2005

The Q9700 has a slightly larger thread diameter than the Q12700 and accommodates:

  • all 900GTO mounts shipped since October 2005

A scribe line has been carved into outer diameter of the bell of the Q12700 to differentiate it from the Q9700. If you have an older AND a newer 900GTO, knowing which cover belongs to what mount is easy!

These covers were tested on current 900 and 1200 model mounts, both constructed with their respective taller polar fork assemblies. You may wish to review the images for the taller 900 Polar Fork Assembly (S900PF-A) and the 1200 Polar Fork Assembly (S1200PF-B) to confirm which version is installed on your mount.

If you reside where your mount is set to the highest latitude setting (52-68 degrees for the 900, 57-69 degrees for the 1200 mount) and you have the shorter polar fork, you may have clearance issues while installing and removing this part. We did not have either mount available in this configuration during our testing phase. However we have provided a scale diagram that you can use to determine whether you will encounter interference in your current latitude setting. Please print the Polar Scope Cover Illustration at 100% to cut out and use as a test piece.

We do not expect that customers using the Hi-Lo Wedge for Latitudes from 0-22 or beyond 68 degrees will experience a conflict with either polar scope cover and their mount in that configuration.

If you are uncertain when your 900GTO shipped, please use the photos (right) as a reference for where to measure on your mount to determine the correct cover size. We used a 1200GTO since it was readily available; however, the measurement points are identical on older 900 mounts.


Note that all LEDs and illuminator units must be removed from the polar scope before installing these covers.

Weight: 0.5 lbs each

For more detailed information regarding the measurements of these parts, please refer to the Polar Scope Cover Illustration.