1100GTO Dec Top Plate (S1100DTP-A)

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Customers have found the Dec Top Plate to be very convenient when wanting to quickly change out scope mounting systems and the scope rings that are attached. Perhaps you want to switch between a long scope which uses our longer 16” dovetail saddle (DOVELM162) and a small refractor that has a V-style plate and uses our 10” dovetail saddle (DOVEDV10).

No need to search for your scattered set of hex keys! Just loosen the two Dec Top Plate locking knobs and change it with another Dec Top Plate to which the DOVEDV10 is attached. What could be quicker and easier?  

There is no sacrifice of strength or rigidity, as the Dec Top Plate’s dovetail uses the Astro-Physics time-tested dovetail locking system to ensure that there is no flexure. The S1100DTP-A also works well when using flat or ribbed plates with scope rings directly attached.

Weight: 1.5 lb. (0.7 kg)