Y-Cable w/42" Declination Length for 1100 Quick Release Servo Box (S1100GYCR42)

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This is a custom cable for the 1100GTO (without Absolute Encoders) that is used when setting up the mount portably and when you don’t want to run the cable internally. It may be quicker if you are setting up the mount nightly. The Dec section of the Y-cable is longer (42") so that it can be run outside the mount and connected to the Dec motor box.  The RA section is 21.5". 

Our cables utilize a high-tech rubber sheathing that remains flexible in the coldest of conditions. Please note that our Y-cables are mount specific and cannot be interchanged due to dimensional differences.

Also note that this cable cannot be used internally as is the supplied original. The original internal Y-cable is part # S1100GYCR.