Accessory Trays for Piers and Tripods

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Beautiful, functional and rugged - the various components of the Astro-Physics Pier Accessory Tray System will enhance your observing or imaging experience by securely keeping the things you need close at hand. We now have components to fit our 6", 8" and 10" piers. Our 8" and 10" trays will fit on ATS piers as well as on our sturdy AP Portable Piers. In 2007, we also introduced components for the 6" Portable Pier and the 6" Eagle Folding Pier.

The accessory tray system consists of either a “Shorty” Single-Level (TRAYSB1) or Bi-Level (TRAYSB) Support Bar to be used with a combination of solid or eyepiece accessory trays. All components are purchased separately to suit your requirements. Please read the information carefully since there are some limitations regarding where these trays can be used.

These handy trays will keep accessories close at hand during your observing sessions. The trays' raised sides will keep small round objects from falling off and getting lost in the dark grass. The eyepiece trays have machined holes to accept two 2" and three 1.25" oculars. Using a solid accessory tray above the eyepiece tray will protect eyepieces in the bottom tray from dew, although there may be clearance issues with larger 2" eyepieces.

Each tray spans 1/3 of the intended pier diameter, so you can construct a complete circular tray around the pier post with just three trays and three support bars. For added versatility, mix and match the solid and eyepiece trays. See our 6" Accessory Guideline Tables and our examples page . For the ultimate system, we suggest six trays and three support bars, two complete levels around the post.

These trays cannot be used with 24" Astro-Physics piers or with un-modified 42" piers (there is not enough clearance with the support struts). In order to use these trays with 42" piers, there must be 3 holes drilled around the circumference about 8.5" from the top of the pier post. The support bars will be mounted with bolts through these holes and nuts inside the pier post. If you have a 42" pier, you will need to make this modification.

Features two 2" and three 1.25" holes for eyepieces

Features four 2" and three 1.25" holes for eyepieces

Features five 2" and six 1.25" holes for eyepieces.

8 and 10” Trays - Additional Note
Although you can use larger trays on a pier with a smaller diameter, they will not fit flush against the post. This does not affect its function, but you are limited to one support bar and two trays due to the smaller diameter.