Bi-Level Support Bar for Pier Accessory Trays (TRAYSB)

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This support bar is designed to be used with the Accessory Trays we manufacture for 6", 8" and 10" diameter posts. The Bi-Level Support bar attaches to the holes at the top of the pier post and can hold 2 trays, one above the other. It measures 8" long and 1.75" wide. Please note that this version of the support bar began to ship in January 2007. We shortened up the length by 0.25" and changed the position of the tray insert slots so that it can be used in more configurations, especially with the 6" Eagle Pier. All pier trays that we make currently and those we made in the past can be used with this support bar. However, if you have one of the original support bars and purchase one of these newer ones to use on the same pier, you will see that the trays used with this newer support bar will sit a bit higher than those on the previous support bar. For most purposes, this does not affect the function of the trays.

This support bar can be used with 32", newer 42", 48", 54" and 62" Astro-Physics Portable Piers. The struts interfere with its use on 24" and older 42" piers. The newer 42" models have added holes below the eyebolts for attachment of the support bar. Owners of the older 42" piers can modify their older piers to accept the TRAYSB as well. It will also work with the 6" Eagle Folding Pier in some, but not all, of its height configurations. See our 6" Accessory Guideline Tables for more information.

If you prefer to use only one tray, you may wish to consider our Single-Level Support Bar (TRAYSB1).

Refer to our 6" Accessory Guideline Tables for ideas of how to maximize use of your tripod or pier.