1200 Declination Motor Bracket with Spring-Loaded Action (12SLBD)

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Discontinued: No Longer Available

Historical information::
Please refer to the description below.

The Declination Motor Bracket is no longer available. 

The following historical information is provided for your reference. 

Redesigned Declination Motor Bracket with built-in spring-loaded action that will place the worm gear into mesh with adequate force to allow proper tracking, but not too much force to cause binding.

Our part# M12560-B
two M12673 modified shoulder bolts

Mounts that can be upgraded:
All GTO and SMD 1200 mount models that have been produced. 1200GTO mounts with serial #1200572 and earlier (confirm that replacement has not been done).

Note: This Declination Motor Bracket Upgrade was included on all later 1200GTO Mounts and does not need to be added.

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