Handle with 6.3" Spacing for 1/4-20 Threaded Holes, Ideal for Stowaway or 130 Refractor (63HANDLE)

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Hey! Do you want a hand with that scope?

Our CNC machined handle can help you safely tote your Stowaway or Starfire 130 GT / GTX with great elegance and security. The handle attaches to the center hole at the top of our scope rings (early rings may not have a center hole). Our dovetail plates to which the scope rings attach on the underside have a 6.3” front-to-back spacing when used with the above-mentioned scopes. This matches with the handle beautifully.

Our larger scopes normally use our larger 13.75” front-to-back ring spacing. However, they can also use the handle, but will require a dovetail plate spanning the top of the rings. You will attach the handle and secure the screws with a washer and ¼”-20 nut (neither supplied) to the plate via the center pass-through holes.

Having a handle makes for a secure grip when installing and removing your scope to and from your mount. It is a real advantage in the cold winter when wearing gloves. Brrr!

Note that if you store your scope in its case after every use, the handle may not fit. 

Other uses:  This handle is included with our 6" Eagle Adjustable Folding Pier (EAGLE-EZ). If you own one of the original EAGLE piers or aluminum pier post, you may drill the appropriate holes and secure the handles with a nut on the other side. Be sure that you determine the center of balance when locating the handle.  

Dimensions: 6.875" x 1.75" (17.5cm x 1.0cm)
Weight: 6.1 oz (0.17kg)

Included: (2) 1/4-20 x 1.25" socket head cap screws. Do not use longer screws with the Stowaway mounting rings or you may damage the tube. 

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