2" Adapter to use SCT accessories - for 2.7" drawtubes (ADA204)

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If you have thread-on accessories for an SCT and own one of our refractors, a Ritchey-Chretien with an Astro-Physics focuser or built your scope with our 2.7" focuser, you will appreciate this item. This adapter threads into our drawtube and has SCT threads on the accessory side.

For owners of larger Meade SCT's with the 3.25" rear cell, simply thread this adapter into our ADASCTLM27 or ADASCTLC27 and you no longer need your Meade or Celestron 2" visual back.

The ADA204 is also popular with owners of Finger Lakes Instrumentation CCD cameras. It can be used with several configurations of Astro-Physics CCD Adapters and 2.7" Extensions to reach proper backfocus distances for the particular combination of components you are using.

This adapter has a net spacing distance of 0.3" (7.6 mm).

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