2" Adapter for 2.5" DoveLoc; Allows use of 2" Accessories; Included with 92mm F6.65 Stowaway and for use with Traveler (ADA2520DL)


The ADA2520DL adapter serves as the 2.5” Doveloc component for visual observing. It has the Doveloc fitting on the scope side and the 2” compression fitting with brass locking ring on the viewing side. This allows the Flattener (92FF) or the Telecompressor Corrector (92TCC) to be removed from the Stowaway Doveloc and the ADA2520DL to be inserted for use with the diagonal and an eyepiece.

Whereas this adapter is one of the components that comes with the current Stowaway’s 2.5” focuser, it can be purchased separately when the Doveloc system is used with the 2.7” focuser of the Traveler. It requires that the Traveler’s 2” compression fitting (ADA2003A) be removed and the 2.7” Doveloc (EC2725) be attached to the drawtube in its place. The Traveler is then able to use the Stowaway’s Flattener (92FF) and Telecompressor Corrector (92TCC), in addition to visual observing. The changeover is both quick and convenient.