Step-Down Adapter to be Attached to the 2.7" Threads of Stowaway 92FF & 92TCC for ZWO & QHY 55 mm Standard Spacing (ADA27-54ST)


We are adding the ADA27-48ST / ADA27-54ST / ADA27-68ST adapters to our Stowaway accessory collection. These adapters take advantage of the 55 mm spacing distance standard that is being offered by the popular ZWO and QHY camera systems.

These adapters are designed to provide the proper spacing distance required between the 92FF field flattener or 92TCC telecompressor corrector and the camera sensors when using those company’s 55 mm camera spacing standard. Choose the adapter that matches the thread size on the scope-side of your camera setup and you are all set to start imaging. 

A mono camera that is using a filter wheel with 3 mm thick filters may require the addition of a 1 mm spacer ring.  The spacer ring is available through Precise Parts.