Allows 2.7" Accessories to be Attached to the 3.27" Threads of 110FF & 110TCC for ZWO & QHY 55 mm Standard Spacing (ADA327-27-L)

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We have added the ADA327-27-L to our collection of adapters to make setting up your imaging camera an easier process. This adapter, along with the ADA27-42, ADA27-48, ADA27-54 and ADA27-68, will provide the proper spacing distance when using our 110GTX scope’s 110FF CCD flattener and 110TCC telecompressor corrector with the ZWO and QHY camera setups that use their standardized 55 mm spacing.

Choose the ADA27-42ADA27-48ADA27-54 or ADA27-68 adapter that matches the thread size on the scope-side of your camera setup and you are all set to start imaging.

We also offer a matching spacer ring set (SRSET-327) in case you need to tweak the spacing length for best image performance. This may be necessary if you are using filters with your mono camera / filter wheel or color camera with a filter drawer.  

The ADA327-27-L attaches to our newer CCD Flatteners and Telecompressor Correctors’ 3.27” threads and steps down to the Astro-Physics 2.7” standard thread size. It has a net spacing distance of 1.37” (34.8 mm).