3.27" Spacer Rings , Set of 3 Rings (SRSET-327)

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In most imaging setups, it will not be necessary to modify the spacing distance.  However, there may be some sensor/camera combinations that can benefit by making slight changes to this spacing.  

A set of three 1 mm thick spacer rings is being offered that can be used in special circumstances to modify the backfocus spacing of the following:

Recommendations to achieve proper spacing:

  • Increase the spacing by adding one, two or three of these spacer rings to your imaging train as shown in the diagram referenced below. 
  • You may first reduce the distance by switching to a shorter 3.27" Backfocus Spacer Extension.  Then, add the appropriate number of these 3.27" spacer rings to achieve the optimum spacing or use the 2.7" Spacer Rings (SRSET-27) with the 2.7" Extensions (EXT27-) or a combination of both 2.7" and 3.27" rings.  You can easily experiment with 1mm increments. 

Diagrams and Instructions:


In May 2021, this part # changed from A5025SET to SRSET-327.