3.5" Prime Focus Field Flattener for 130GTX or prior 130EDFGT upgraded to 3.5" Focuser (13035FF)

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The new 3.5” Field Flattener for the 130 Starfire GTX is a redesigned housing that utilizes the superb optics of the 67PF562.  It provides pin point stars to the very corners of your CCD or DSLR sensor. The 130 GTX images at f/6.7 with the Flattener. It accommodates today’s largest sensors (even the KAF-50100).

Conveniently, it uses the same camera adapters as the QUADTCC (and those of the flatteners and TCCs of the 160 and 175 Starfires). 

The backfocus spacing from the rear flange is:
With Backfocus Spacer - 80.8 mm +/- 2.5 mm
Without Backfocus Spacer - 102.9 mm +/- 2.5 mm

Field of View with 130 StarFire GTX and 3.5" Field Flattener

Fully Illuminated Circle
35 mm Full Frame CCD

2.6” (65 mm)
18.0 x 13.5 mm
22.3 x 14.9 mm
36 x 24 mm
36.8 x 36.8 mm

4.3° (256 min.)
1.2° x .88° (71 x 53 min.)
1.5 ° x .98° (88 x 59 min.)
2.4° x 1.6° (142 x 97 min.)
2.4° x 2.4° (146 x 146 min.)

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Custom Adapters
If you need an adapter that is not listed above, we recommend that you contact PreciseParts.  Refer to the link for the spacing requirements document above.


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