Canon EOS DSLR Camera Adapter with large 1.875" (47.6mm) diameter stainless steel bayonet. For 175TCC, 160TCC and 155TCC and all CCD Flatteners and all QUADTCC and Tri-TCC Telecompressor Correctors. (ADATCCEOS)

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This DSLR Camera Adapter for Canon EOS cameras with its large 1.875" (47.6 mm) inside diameter bayonet minimizes vignetting on full-frame sensors by eliminating the restrictive 1.5" (38 mm) diameter standard T-thread interface.

The adapter body is precision-machined aluminum and black-anodized. The bayonet is machined stainless steel, and both the body and the bayonet are baffled and painted flat-black on the inside.

The ADATCCEOS will place the camera sensor at the perfect 80.8 mm distance from the rear flange of the recommended back-focus spacer of the field flattener or TCC. Refer to the DSLR & Mirrorless Camera Systems diagrams below.

Warning: Be very careful if using filters with any of the TCC Telecompressor-Correctors, as they have very limited clearance to the back optical element. DO NOT stack multiple filters when using the TCC!

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  • Net spacing distance: 1.45" (36.8mm)
  • Camera adapter: Canon DSLR bayonet
  • Female threads: 3.27 x 16tpi to use with the back-focus spacer specified for your field flattener or TCC.

Please note: this adapter can NOT be used with Canon manual-focus 35 mm cameras (series FD and earlier lenses).

Diagrams and Instructions

Refer to the following diagrams for additional information regarding spacing.

Current recommendations:

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Custom Spacers & Adapters

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Astro-Physics 80.8mm Back-focus Spacing Distance

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