1.10x CCD Flattener for 110mm f/6 StarFire GTX (110FF)

Early October

Designed for: 110mm f/6 StarFire GTX

Application: Ideal for digital imaging with DSLR and CMOS cameras.

This optimized design uses two matched glass elements assembled into an air-spaced assembly to produce an F/6.65 photographic speed. The Flattener design produces sharp diffraction-limited detail over a 35mm full-frame format. All mechanical parts, including the covers, are beautifully machined anodized aluminum with a lustrous black finish: a carapace befitting fine optics.

The 110GTX operating at f/6.65 (1.10x magnification) will capture extreme detail with the full format CMOS cameras currently popular amongst astro-imagers. This accessory is a must for fastidious astro-imagers, as the 110FF provides an extended color correction range far beyond the visible range, producing high-resolution images from the latest technology in CMOS sensors. Wide-field images will be highly detailed which allows the astro-imager to make very large prints without doing time-consuming mosaics.

The 110FF fully illuminates a 60mm circle.

The 110FF comes with beautifully machined anodized aluminum covers to match the exemplary design of the flattener’s body.

Back focus distance is 95.5mm.   Back focus distance with the EXT327-14.7 is 80.8mm

The 110FF back focus distance is 95.5mm measured from the back flange to the camera sensor. An extension adapter is available for providing 80.8mm spacing that will use our adapters to match with the 55mm net spacing distance for some popular CMOS cameras. Additional adapter options are available for DSLR cameras.

For use with 35mm DSLR
A 14.7mm Backfocus Spacer (EXT327-14.7) is available to purchase for use with the 110FF.   
This 14.7mm spacer provides a back focus spacing of 80.8mm for coupling directly to our 35mm digital camera adapters.

We have adapters available for Canon EOS and Nikon D DSLR cameras, as well as Canon R and Nikon Z Mirrorless versions when using the above Backfocus Spacer. Please see:

  • Nikon D (ADATCCNIK)
  • Canon R (ADAEOS-R) - soon
  • Nikon Z (ADANIK-Z) - soon

For use with 35mm CMOS
Without the EXT327-14.7, back focus spacing is 95.5mm, which was designed to give the user maximum distance for adding specialized camera equipment.

Adapters are available for use with CMOS cameras with thread sizes of 42, 48, 54 and 68mm. These are designed for the popular CMOS cameras currently available that utilize the 55 mm standard spacing.

These adapters are not used with the above Backfocus Spacer, but rather are used with the ADA327-27-L in combination with the ADA27-42/48/54/68 (choose your thread size).

Custom Adapters
If you need an adapter that is not listed above, we recommend that you contact PreciseParts.

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