Allows 2.7" Accessories to be Attached to the 3.27" Threads of CCD Flatteners & Telecompressor Correctors (ADA327-27)

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We have added several adapters to assist imagers obtain back spacing distances for their camera systems. It is important to retain the largest diameter possible to the imaging train until just before the camera or filter wheel. This will provide strength, reduce flexure and reduce vignetting.

 The ADA327-27 attaches to our newer CCD Flatteners and Telecompressor Correctors’ 3.27” threads and steps down to the Astro-Physics 2.7” standard thread size. It has a net spacing distance of 1.17” (29.7 mm).

Our CCD Adapters (A1260, A1263, A1265 & A1262) attach to our earlier Prime Focus Flatteners’ bayonet-style connections and step down to the 2.7” thread size. Each has a different net spacing distance.

The following adapters can then be used to step down from the 2.7” thread to the threads of your camera or filter wheel:

          ADA27-42,  step down to 42 mm threads net spacing distance: 0.2” (5.1 mm)

          ADA27-48, step down to 48 mm threads net spacing distance: 0.2” (5.1 mm)

          ADA27-2156,  step down to 2.156” threads net spacing distance: 0.2” (5.1 mm)

          ADA204, step down to 2” SCT threads net spacing distance: 0.3” (7.3 mm)

Our 2.7” Extensions (A3505, A3503-A, A3506, A3504-A, A3502-A & A1008-A) can be combined with the above adapters to help you meet optical spacing distance requirements. Each has a different net spacing distance.

It may still be necessary to use a custom adapter to complete the connection, but using combinations of the above adapters will greatly reduce cost by eliminating the need for multiple and costly custom adapters.