2" Visual Back threads onto 9.25" or smaller SCT standard rear cell (ADASCT)

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This visual back fits rear cells that have a 2" opening with a 24 TPI (threads per inch) male thread. It can be used with the 8", 9.25" (except the 9.25" Celestron EdgeHD) or other SCT with the standard SCT rear cell. It can also be used with the Maksutov-Cassegrain scopes from Telescope Engineering Company (TEC) that have this specification.

Note: Celestron EdgeHD scopes recommend a 146 mm back spacing distance (reference Celestron Tech information). Contact Celestron for further information.

This visual back allows you to use 2" accessories that slip in, i.e. 2" diagonals, Barlows, 2" eyepieces or CCD camera. Starting in late August 2009, we added a third thumbscrew to the two existing thumbscrews and brass locking ring to securely hold your expensive accessories with ease. Also fits DayStar T-Scanner cover that has male T-thread.

This adapter has a net spacing distance of 2.1" (53.3 mm).



CCD Telecompressor  - exploded diagram