2" Visual back threads onto 3.25" rear cell of the 10" or larger Meade SCTs. (ADASCTLM)

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This 2" visual back threads onto the rear cell of 10" or larger Meade SCTs with 3.25" male threads on the telescope's rear cell. It provides a full 2" unobstructed opening (unlike most visual backs). Use with 2" accessories that slip in, i.e. 2" diagonal, Barlow, 2" eyepiece or binocular viewer. It features our unique brass locking ring design and 3 large thumbscrews to hold your accessories securely and squarely; ideal for critical applications. If you prefer to use just one thumbscrew on occasion (perhaps if you are interchanging accessories frequently), simply remove the extra 2 thumbscrews for that session.

Please verify that your instrument has a 3.25" male thread on the rear cell before ordering.

This adapter has a net spacing distance of 1.5" (38.1 mm).
It has a safe nosepiece insertion depth of 1.1" (27.9 mm).

Note: This is the same product as ADATCC2.


CCD Telecompressor - exploded diagram