2"/T-2 Adapter attaches to T-thread (ADAT2)

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This 2"/T-2 Adapter with brass locking ring is manufactured by Astro-Physics. It is used with the Baader Fluorite Flat Field Converter Barlow (BPFFC) and T-2 System in general. However, it is not shown on the T-2 System diagrams since it is manufactured by Astro-Physics.

When used with the BPFCC, this adapter attaches to the back allowing a simple method for using visual and photographic accessories. The 2"/T-2 Secure-Grip Nosepiece (AP16T) attaches to the front of the BPFCC.


Use with other components of the T-2 system for versatility. It is not shown on this chart, however takes the place of several components.
Baader T-2 System Chart
Baader T-2 System Parts list. Astro-Physics carries some of these components designated by our part number that begins with BP and includes the reference number on the chart. We can special order any others that would like to have.