2"/T-2 Tapered Nosepiece for CCD Cameras, SBIG ST7, Baader Planetarium Giant Binocular Viewer or any item with T-2 threads (AP16T)

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Our 2"/T-2 Secure-Grip Nosepiece for CCD Cameras, Baader Planetarium Mark V Binocular Viewer or any item with T-2 threads. This nosepiece features a design to ensure safety and orthogonality. Attach it to your CCD camera, insert the nosepiece into your 2" adapter and tighten the thumbscrew. The brass locking ring will seat your valuable CCD camera (or other valuable accessory) squarely and solidly into place. The nosepiece has 48 mm filter threads and the interior is painted flat-black. It is compatible with most compression/locking rings of which we are aware. (We were informed in February 2020 that this product is incompatible with the Moonlite CF2. Other Moonlite focusers may also be incompatible.) It is not recommended when using our older style 2" Thin Adapter ADA2013 (or prior version ADA201). When using these items, we suggest the BP16 nosepiece. The current style 2" Thin Adapter ADA20132 was specifically designed to work perfectly with the AP16T.

October 2017: current profile introduced.

To see the nosepiece as used with a CCD camera, review the exploded diagram. If you own an Astro-Physics focuser, you also may wish to consider our 2" Adapter (ADA2003A) that features 3 locking screws. The combination of these two accessories will redefine "rock solid."

This nosepiece has a net spacing distance of 0.13" (3.2 mm).

This nosepiece has a net spacing distance of 0.56" (14.2 mm) with T-ring.  Add the camera’s faceplate to sensor distance of 1.73" (43.9 mm) for a total spacing of 2.29" (58.2 mm).

It has a nose insertion depth of 1.13" (28.7 mm).