Flat Surface Adapter with Flat Pier Plate - for Mach2, Mach1, 600E and 400 Mounts to use 8" ATS Piers (ADATRI-8ATS)

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Ever find yourself wishing that you had a bigger mount? Short of a magical spell, you can maximize the robustness of the mount that you do have by increasing the strength of your tripod or pier.

Upscaling your pier size will provide increased stability when operating your mount near its upper levels of capacity. If you have a long scope, this will be a benefit. It will also improve wind gust resistance and quicken damp-down times.

The ADATRI-8FP adapter is a two-part adapter. It consists of the 119FP and the ADATRI. The 119FP attaches to the ATS 8” pier which allows either the ADATRI or the 119FSA to be attached to it.  If you also have a 900GTO or 1100GTO mount, you’ll be able to use the same pier by swapping out the adapters.  

The Control Box Extension (Q6280KIT) will be required to provide clearance for the larger pier diameter when mounting the Control Box Adapter (CBAPT) for the CP2/3 or CP4/5.

Note: modification by ATS to the base diameter of the 119FP will be required if the wall thickness of the 8" pier is upgraded from the standard 1/8" to the optional 1/4" (for a cost upcharge).

Net height: 1.70" (43.2 mm)

Fasteners included:
5/16"-18 x 5/8" (6) and washers - attaches 119FP to ATS pier.
5/16”-18 x 3/4” Socket Head Cap Screws (3) - attaches ADATRI to the 119FP.