T-2 Extention Tubes

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The Baader T-2 Extension Tubes are available in three lengths: 40 mm (BP25B), 15 mm (BP25A) and 7.5 mm (BP25C). A combination of these extension tubes will be necessary when the 10 x 60 Baader Vario Finder is converted into its guidescope configuration.  Depending on the back focus spacing of your autoguider camera, you will most likely need to use the BP25B and/or the BP25A extension tubes.  We have found that the two combined provides the optimal spacing distance for the cameras that we use (your system may differ).

 Use these extensions with other components of the T-2 system for versatility.
Baader T-2 System Chart
Baader T-2 System Parts list. Astro-Physics carries some of these components designated by our part number that begins with BP and includes the reference number on the chart. We can special order any others that would like to have.