2" Color Filter Set (BPCF2)

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These colored filter sets are available in two sizes" 1.25" (BPCF125) and 2" (BPCF2)

  • Fits 2" threads
  • Color Filter Set with 6 colors for contrast enhancement of lunar and planetary observations.
  • Largest free opening of all the color filters on the market which eliminates any vignetting.
  • Double 7-layer anti-reflection coating with only 0.25% residual reflection per surface (Phantom Group Coating) resulting in no reflections, scatter or dimming.
  • Planeoptically polished for sharp image at high magnification.
  • Included Filters: Dark Blue Filter, Light Blue Filter, Green Filter, Yellow Filter, Orange Filter and Red Filter
  • Non-ageing sealed coating

These color filters provide the highest levels of image brightness and freedom from scattered light, combined with uncompromising image sharpness at the high magnifications required to observe delicate planetary details.

All surfaces are polished to exacting tolerances of flatness and parallelism to far surpass the performance of "flame-polished" substrates employed in typical economy filters. All surfaces feature 7-layer multi-coatings that reduce reflective losses to a mere 0.25%.