2" Contrast Booster Filter (BPCB2)

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This filter is available in two sizes: 12.5" (BPCB125) and 2" (BPCB2).

  • 2" Contrast Booster Filter that completely eliminates false color
  • Removes the bluish "hue" (=lack of contrast) during lunar, planetary, solar and terrestrial observation
  • Boosts contrast and sharpness for fast achromatic telescopes - with over 95% transmission
  • Planeoptically polished, non-ageing sealed coating edges

The ultimate contrast filter for all refractive optical systems. Eliminates color error of achromatic doublet objectives to provide the highest level of definition while correcting color balance. Surface details on the Moon and planets stand out boldly.

You haven't really seen Jupiter's Great Red Spot though your achromatic refractor until you've used this filter.

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