Baader 1.25” UHC-L / Ultra-L-Booster Filter

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The Baader UHC-L filter is the classic all-round "light pollution rejection filter". This UHC-L filter is the successor of the well-proven Baader UHC-S filter. 

The application of the UHC-L happens mainly in visual and photographic observation of emission nebulae (star forming regions, planetary nebulae, supernova remnants) under medium to highly polluted skies.

  • Visual and photographic UHC-L Nebula filter with highest transmission.
  • Ultra High Contrast L Filter blocks city lights and increases contrast of nebula and comets (C2 lines).
  • Can be used as LED-optimized Luminance filter for RGB-Imaging with skyglow suppression.
  • Blue transmission optimized to block blueish skyglow caused by LED car- and streetlights.
  • Creates a much brighter image than a conventional Nebula filter.
  • Ideal for deep-sky observers. This UHC-L filter is the perfect visual complement to narrowband OIII filters.
  • Reflex-Blocker™ hard coated and plane-optically polished – with sealed coating edges (Life-Coat™).
  • Blackened edges all around, with filter-lead-side-indicator in the form of a telescope-sided black outer rim.