Baader 7.5nm Solar Continuum 2" Filter. MUST be used with a white-light filter in front of main telescope optics (BPSC2-7.5)


This filter is available in 1.25" (BPSC125-7.5) or 2" (BPSC2-7.5) sizes.

  • Baader 1.25" Solar Continuum Filter, 7.5nm / CWL 540nm
  • A must for owners of achromatic refractors. This filter cuts the spectral range transmitting a specific spectral range around 540nm, completely cutting out blue and red wavelengths in an area of the lens system that where the optics are at their sharpest.
  • Enhances contrast and reduces the effect of atmospheric turbulence.
  • This filter must be used in conjunction with a Baader Herschel Wedge or Baader AstroSolar Safety Film for solar observations otherwise eye or equipment damage may occur.
  • Planeoptically polished, non-ageing sealed coating edges.

Unsurpassed contrast of photospheric details is achieved by an extremely narrow half bandwidth of only 8nm. Functions like a monochrometer, suppressing the effects of atmospheric turbulence to provide images that appear markedly more stable.

Focus "Sweet Spot Generator" - completely eliminates the usual focusing guesswork - the image snaps to a razor sharp focus at the exact focal position. Image the sun the way professionals do!

VERY IMPORTANT: The Solar Continuum Filter MUST be used in conjunction with a visual density white-light solar filter or Herschel Prism (with ND3.0 filter) in front of the lens. We suggest AstroSolar ND 5.0 Visual Filter material, also from Baader Planetarium. If you prefer a ready-made filter, we suggest the Baader Planetarium ASSF, ASTF or ASBP solar filters or Kendrick solar filters, also constructed with AstroSolar Safety Film. DO NOT attempt to use this filter without a white-light filter in front of your main telescope optics. Serious damage to your eyes could result.

Transmission Curve


Spectral Position By Color