2" Neutral Density 1.8 Filter. Must be used with white light solar filter. (BPND18)

Brand :

  • Baader 2" Neutral Density Filter with optical density ND 1.8 - Transmission 1.5% - Reduction factor 64.
  • For perfect energy management during Lunar and Solar observation. Suitable for solar observing only as an additional filter!
    If you need to reduce glare and want to use a filter ahead of the focal point (e.g. before a binocular), then the neutral density filters are just right.
  • Fine optical polish results in no loss of sharpness at high magnifications even with a filter position 20-30cm in front of the focal point.
  • Phantom Group coated. No ghosting, reflections or stray light.
  • Threaded both sides of the glass allows combination with other filters (e.g. Baader Color Filters).


This 2" filter is threaded for 48 mm metric threads. It has a transmission rate of 1.6%, making it an ideal moon filter for large aperture instruments. Use this filter with the AstroSolar Density 3.8 Film (photographic filter that was offered previously) for safe solar observation.

IMPORTANT! Do not attempt to use this filter without a white-light filter in front of your main telescope optics. While it will supplement the ND 3.8 Photographic Density filter material to yield a safe combined transmission level, it is wholly insufficient by itself for solar viewing. Serious damage to your eyes could result from improper use of solar filters!

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