Keypad Modeling License for GTOCP4. *** You must provide serial number of your GTOCP4 when you order this license. (CP4-KEYMODEL-256)

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GTOCP4 Keypad Modeling License - Use with Keypad Version 5 Firmware

Version 5 of our keypad firmware includes modeling features that will only display and function if your GTOCP4 control box has an activated Keypad Modeling License. These modeling features are useful for imagers who primarily control their scopes with the keypad and wish to do unguided imaging. It is not necessary to model for visual observations. 

Models created by the keypad are NOT related to the model created by APCC-PRO. The modeling license is only needed to access the Keypad modeling features. It does NOT affect modeling in APCC or any other external program.

We invite you to review the descriptions of the available models below.

Ortho Model  
The Ortho routine uses the stars in the keypad to compensate for telescope non-orthogonality.  It is an automatic routine that simply requires the user to start it going and to center the star at the keypad prompt. The Ortho model can be used by itself or in conjunction with the pointing model to form an all-sky model.  

Point & Track Model 
Point + Track model can be used for both precision pointing and for precise tracking of an object’s path across the sky for unguided imaging. You will use your favorite planetarium program as a guide to follow a declination line when creating this model.

Drift Model
The Drift model is an alternate way to measure an object’s path through the sky and then use it to compensate for drift for unguided imaging. It does not require any external planetarium software - it is a self-contained keypad routine.  This model allows the user to build a tracking path for any object as it moves across the sky from East to West. 

Who Should Consider Purchasing the Keypad Modeling License Key?

  • Imagers using GTOCP4 control box and Keypad version 5 firmware who want to use the keypad modeling features described above.
  • GTOCP4 control box serial number is LOWER than CP4-1423.  Control boxes with higher serial numbers already have this feature. All GTOCP5 control boxes have this feature.
  • GTOCP4 control box has been upgraded to P02-09 or higher. 
  • Keypad serial number is HIGHER than 1565GTO.

How Can I Tell if My Control Box Already Has an Active Keypad Modeling License?

  • All GTOCP4 control boxes with serial number CP4-1423 or higher already have the keypad model license. 
  • If your keypad displays the model features mentioned above, your GTOCP4 already has the keypad model license. 
  • If your GTOCP4 has an active license key, it will display as an active license using the following tools:
    • USB/Serial Utilities - Unit tab. When you scan the ports, the serial number of the CP4 will appear and the active license, if present. 
    • Embedded webpage of the GTOCP4.  This is the webpage that is used when connected via Ethernet to upgrade your GTOCP4 or change the connection settings. 
  • All GTOCP5 control boxes already have the keypad model license.  

How Do I Obtain My License Key?

  • Write down the serial number of your control box. The serial number plate is located on the side of the control box. The license key is tied to the serial number and cannot be used with another control box. 
  • When you click on the Buy Now button below, you will be redirected to the MyCommerce website. 
  • During the order process, you will be asked for the serial number of your GTOCP4 control box. 
  • Once you have completed the order, the license key and instructions will be available in the following ways:
    • The order confirmation on the MyCommerce website will provide a link to download the license key.
    • You will receive an email that includes both an attachment that contains the Keypad Model License Key and a link to the license key so that you can download from either source. 
  • Follow the instructions to download and install the license key: Loading a License Key into Your GTOCP4.

Read the information above carefully before you make your purchase.

 Click the Buy Now button to order through the Astro-Physics download store on the MyCommerce website.