Keypad v5.012 Code Only or Code and Database Load

Keypad version 5 firmware is a major upgrade from version 4.19.5 and can only be used with GTOCP4 or GTOCP5 control boxes due to command language requirements. Version 5 was first introduced for the GTOCP5 control box that is paired with the Mach2GTO and is now available for all GTOCP4 control boxes.  

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION: Version 5 can NOT be used with the GTOCP3 or earlier control boxes. If you are using one keypad with multiple mounts, 
ALL of them must have the GTOCP4 control box. 

If your version 5 database is corrupted, follow the instructions on this webpage: Java Keypad Loader for Database Load, Requires GTOCP4 with P02-01 or Later. 

Are You Upgrading from V4.19.5 or Earlier Version?

Version 5 offers many advantages and new features over earlier versions. Refer to this detailed information prior to your upgrade to be sure that version 5 is the appropriate for your observing program: Upgrading Older Keypads to Version 5

Using Keypad v5.010 with the GTOCP5 vs. GTOCP4 Control Boxes

There are a few important differences when using with a GTOCP4 as outlined below. Please refer to the appropriate sections of the keypad manual for additional information.

Mach2GTO with GTOCP5 control box (GTOCP5 is only used with Mach2GTO)

  • The Autoconnect:NO startup routine is simplified since the mount always knows its position even when the clutches have been loosened.
  • All modeling features are enabled: pointing, tracking and orthogonality.
  • The Slew Home & Sync function allows you to recover from incorrect sync or slew commands
  • The power setting feature is available to optimize power usage.
  • PEM is not shown since it is not needed

Mounts with GTOCP4 control box

  • The Autoconnect:NO startup routine requires that you resume from current position or place the mount in one of the park positions.
  • PEM (Periodic Error Memory) is an available feature for mounts WITHOUT Absolute Encoders. Mounts with these encoders do not need this feature.
  • Mounts with Absolute Encoders: Find Home feature is available, but should be used only when clutches have not been released.
  • Mounts without Absolute Encoders: Home feature is not available.
  • The power setting feature is not available since it is not utilized by the GTOCP4.
  • Modeling features: Requires the Keypad Modeling License Key be activated in the GTOCP4. All control boxes with serial number CP4-1423 and later have this license key. All other control boxes can be upgraded. Refer to information for part #CP4-KEYMODEL-256 on our website.



  • Keypad serial number. The keypad serial number must be 1565GTO or higher. However, if your older keypad was repaired and the new serial number begins with the letter "R", it is possible that the repaired unit has the higher memory capacity required for this upgrade. Contact Astro-Physics for further information. The older keypads do not have sufficient memory for the new code load.  
  • GTOCP4 or GTOCP5 with version P02-08 firmware or later. Refer to our Software Updates tab to update your control box before proceeding.  

  • Windows, Mac or Linux computer with JAVA installed. 

  • USB or Straight-thru serial cable is required. Ethernet and WiFi downloads are not supported at this time for the Keypad updates. If you are using a serial cable, You must use a "straight-through" cable. You cannot use a "null modem or crosswired" cable. In recent years, all mounts were shipped with the proper serial cable. If you do not have one, you can order a 15' cable from Astro-Physics. If you must use a USB-to-serial adapter, be sure that it has an FTDI chip. We have also had success with Keyspan adapters. We do not recommend USB to serial adapters with Prolific chips.

  • Control box, Keypad, power cable and power supply (or battery) are required for the upload. The upload procedure to the keypad requires that the program be routed through the ROM chip in the GTO control box. In order to accomplish this, your control box must be set up with power near your PC. The mount and motor cables are not required.

  • User name and password to access the download area of our website. This information was provided in the cover letter shipped with your mount. If you do not have the user name and password, contact Astro-Physics. If your name is not already registered in our GTO database, we will ask for your mount or keypad serial number to assure that you are authorized to access this area of our website. We suggest that you fill out and submit the Mount Registration Form.

Keypad Version History

GTO Keypad - Release Notes and Revision History - PDF document

Print the instructions at the link below

Upgrading Your Keypad to V5.012 (or later) if version V5.009 (or later) is already installed. This is a Code Load only.
Upgrading Your Keypad to V5.012 from all keypad versions 5.008 or earlier, including v4.xx .  Full Code and Database Load.

Keypad Manual

GTO Keypad Manual, v5.010 - PDF document. Please read the manual even if you have experience with previous versions of the keypad. There are some important significant differences that you should know about. For instance, you must press RECAL and NEXT> buttons simultaneously in order to easily recalibrate on an object. There are many other helpful tips in the manual. This manual is also appropriate for later versions of the firmware.

Download Program to Your Computer. 

Click on the link below to initiate the download. Make note of the location that the file was stored on your computer. Follow the instructions that you have printed.

Keypad 5.012 Program and LoaderThis includes both the Java Keypad Loader Tool and Keypad Flash Update file as one download file.