14" Losmandy D-Series Universal dovetail plate with additional screws for Astro-Physics rings (LMDAP4567)

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Male D-Series dovetail plates from Losmandy Astronomical Products are used in conjunction with our DOVEDV10 and DOVELM162 (also the previous models: DOVELM2, DOVELM16 and DOVELM16S). The plates attach directly to your telescope or your telescope mounting rings and fit into the saddle as shown in the illustration. We offer a wide variety of plates for Astro-Physics, Celestron and Meade systems.

The plates are machined by Losmandy plates for lightness and rigidity from aluminum stock, then black anodized for a tough, corrosion free surface. They are laser engraved with a scale on the edge to allow for quicker setup. The plates may have some minor cosmetic flaws, for which we cannot be held responsible.

Intended use:
Losmandy DUP plate with additional holes screws for top and bottom of Astro-Physics rings. All required fasteners are included.

Weight: 2.4 lbs.
Length: 14"
Thickness: 0.75"