3.5" Rotating Focuser Endcap. Required for TEC Refractors to use QUADTCC. Threads into TEC Focusers (S35RFAA)

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This Drawtube Endcap (S35RFAA) is integral with the Astro-Physics 3.5” Rotating Focuser.  It screws onto the focuser drawtube’s 4.100” x 24 tpi male threads.  It then uses a proprietary three thumbscrew locking dovetail system to secure accessories. 

The dovetail system has been designed to provide absolute orthogonality when attaching matched accessories, pulling them flush when tightened.  It allows easy rotation of your accessory, yet safely prevents it from becoming dislodged while rotating.

This endcap can also be attached to Starlight Instruments 3.5” focusers, such as those used on TEC scopes and other popular brands.