27" Dovetail Sliding Bar for 3600GTO (SB3627)

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The massive and sturdy two-part telescope mounting system comprised of our 22” Dovetail Saddle Plate (DOVE3622) and 27” Dovetail Bar (SB3627) provides the convenience of a dovetail with the security of a fixed mounting plate. It was designed for strength, rigidity and versatility. The dovetail system can be set up for tip-in or slide-in of the dovetail sliding bar. Safety slots on the saddle plate coupled with the sliding bar's safety stop will help keep accidents from happening.

For permanent installations, a series of matching through-holes in the saddle and tapped holes in the sliding dovetail plate allow the setup to be bolted into its final position through both plates once adequate balance is achieved. As an added feature, the saddle plate has two cable-routing channels on the eyepiece end, each 2" wide and approximately 0.5" high. These channels allow you to access the large opening at the top of the declination axis to run your cables through the mount. Refer to the cabling section of the manual (for the mounts shipped in 2008/2009) to see how easy this is.

The dovetail plate is drilled on the underside of the eyepiece end so that you can attach a plate that can be customized as a cabling port.


This 27” robust male dovetail plate features a myriad of holes throughout the entire length that can accommodate a variety of instrument configurations at various balance points. It is 5” longer than the original 22” plate, which make it a great choice for extra-long instruments or side-by-side configurations. Our own experience mounting our prototype 305mm f3.8 Riccardi-Honders and 305mm f12.5" Maksutov-Cassegrain pointed out the need for a longer plate.


Hole spacing options include: 3.2"-3.5" slot, 3.937", 4.5", 4.921" 5.5", 6.875", 7.450"and 8.220" to accommodate a wide variety of instruments. They are repeated throughout the length of the plate. Suitable instruments include: All rings with the Astro-Physics hole pattern, 305mm f3.8 Riccardi-Honders, and large Takahashi instruments. The DOVELM162 can be bolted on for side-by-side configurations as mentioned above. It also features lock-down knobs that can be firmly tightened with an allen wrench


Dimensions: 9.9" x 27" (251 x 686 mm)
Weight: 13 lb. (6 kg)
Please review the Hole Pattern Chart.