7" V-Style Light-weight Dovetail Accessory Saddle, perfect for Stowaway (Needs Dovetail Bar) (ACSD07)

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This 7” Vixen-style dovetail saddle has been designed to be light and small for use with the Stowaway. However, the flat mounting surface (not radiused) allows it to be used at the top of any set of rings with a ¼”-20 center hole and 6.3” center-to-center ring spacing.  It is aprefect match for any scopes mounted on our SBV08 or SB0800 dovetail plates. 

It may be compact, but it will rigidly secure any V-style sliding bar. Astro-Physics offers two V-style dovetail sliding bars: 8” SBV08 and the 15" SBV15.

Quickly add or change accessories using the Astro-Physics tilt-in feature, which allows you to position insert and balance without the hassle of sliding a dovetail in from the end of the saddle.

Use with the following telescopes : 

  • 92mm f6.65 Stowaway
  • 90mm F7 or F5 Stowaway from previous years that has been updated to newer mounting rings with center holes.
  • Any mounting rings with 1/4"-20 center hole and 6.3" center-to-center ring spacing.

Accessory Suggestions: 

  • Finder and guide scopes
  • Wide field cameras
  • Communication and power distribution devices
  • Use as a handle to carry scope


  • Dimensions of flat plate section: 7" x 2 1/8" (17.8cm x 5.4cm)
  • Weight: 0.55 lb. (0.24 kg.)

What's Included:

  • 7” Vixen-style Dovetail Accessory Saddle
  • Fasteners: 1/4:”-20 x 5/8” FHCS (2)