7" Sliding Bar/Mounting Adapter (SB0800)

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Discontinued: No Longer Available

Historical information:
Please refer to description below.

09-01-23 The SB0800 7" Sliding Bar has been discontinued and is no longer available. 

 The following historical information is provided for your reference. 

The 7" Sliding Bar was designed to be used with the 8" Dovetail Plate (DOVE08) that we produced in the past. It can also be used as a mounting bar for a camera tripod using the center 1/4-20 threaded hole. 

Please refer to the following document for information regarding the dimensions and hole patterns. Note that this document also references several other parts that are no longer available: Astro-Physics 7” and 10” Sliding Bars.

Please note that this dovetail sliding bar can NOT be used with Vixen style saddle plates. The base of this sliding bar is narrower than the receiving channel on the Vixen style mounting system, and the Astro-Physics sliding bar has a more aggressively angled bevel for a secure grip. Can't tell the difference between the Vixen and Astro-Physics sliding bars? Please refer to the scaled profile diagram that compares he Astro-Physics and Vixen styles

Fasteners are listed on the Mounting Plate Fastener Chart.