3.5" Focuser Doveloc to 2.7" Female Thread Adapter. Net Spacing Distance: 0.281" (7.14mm) (ADA35DL-27)

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The "doveloc" feature of the ADA35DL-27 is a 3.5” circular dovetail used with the 3.5” Rotating Focuser (supplied with the 130 mm Starfire GTX) as a step-down adapter allowing the use of our many 2.7” accessories. 

This adapter is similar to the A1085 (supplied with the 3.5” Honders focuser), but with a smaller net spacing distance.  It can be used with the Honders 3.5” focuser if more in-travel is needed (and even more in-travel can be obtained by using the 2” Thin Adapter with Three Thumbscrews – ADA20132). 

The unique doveloc design of the ADA35DL-27 provides an extremely robust and orthogonal attachment to the focuser endcap.  It allows easy rotation of your accessory, yet safely prevents it from becoming dislodged while rotating.

It has a net spacing distance of 0.281” (7.14 mm).

In May 2021, the part # changed from A5012  to ADA35DL-27 in order to more clearly reflect its function.