3.5" Focuser to 2.7" Adapter. Net Spacing Distance: 0.281" (7.14mm). (A5012)

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Part # changed to ADA35DL-27

Please look at ADA35DL-27

May 31, 2021 - Part # changed to ADA35DL-27  to more clearly describe its function. 


The A5012 is a 3.5” circular dovetail to 2.7” AP thread adapter used with the 3.5” Rotating Focuser (supplied with the 130 mm Starfire GTX) as a step-down adapter allowing the use of our many 2.7” accessories. 

This adapter is similar to the A1085 (supplied with the 3.5” Honders focuser), but with a smaller net spacing distance.  It can be used with the Honders 3.5” focuser if more in-travel is needed (and even more in-travel can be obtained by using the 2” Thin Adapter with Three Thumbscrews – ADA20132). 

The unique dovetail design of the A5012 provides an extremely robust and orthogonal attachment to the focuser endcap.  It allows easy rotation of your accessory, yet safely prevents it from becoming dislodged while rotating.

It has a net spacing distance of 0.281” (7.14 mm).