Allows the 3.5" Focuser to be installed on Starfire 155 & Starfire 180 in place of 4" or 2.7" Focusers (ADA4F-35F)

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The ADA4F-35F adapter allows the 3.5” focuser (35FOCER-FT) to be installed on StarFire 155 & StarFire 180 scopes in place of the original 4” or 2.7” focusers. The 3.5” focuser is an advanced model that uses the Micro Touch fine focus reduction and the Doveloc quick release system. Refractors that you may consider upgrading:

  • 155mm f7 StarFire
  • 180mm f9 or 180mm f7 StarFires

Advantages of the 3.5" Focuser:

  • The Doveloc system permits using the QuadTCC Telecompressor Corrector with its 0.72X compression on these fine classic scopes. It also provides the ability to rotate your camera system for composition or to quickly release it for switching to visual observing. 
  • Reduces the backfocus spacing of the StarFire 155 and StarFire 180 refractors by more than one inch which is an advantage when using the Mark V Baader Planetarium Binoviewer (BPMARKVS) or Baader Herschel Wedge (BPHERP).  
  • Many of the older 4” and 2.7” focusers cannot be upgraded with the Micro Touch unit due to their smaller pinion block design.