Berlebach Planet Tripod w/ ADATRI Adapter & Double Clamps (AWTBER2)

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This superb hardwood tripod surpasses any portable tripod that we have seen anywhere. The locking clamps for attaching the legs to the tripod top provide rigidity and virtually eliminate side to side movement. Note the strong metal supports under the tray that secure the legs. A second set of leg-extension clamps provide additional strength and confidence.

Its adjustable legs utilize a number scale to assist with leveling and we have added a fender washer to the metal tips that increase stability when pushed into the ground. A service tray that is standard with the tripod is very functional in its size and has side walls that prevent objects from rolling off and being lost in the dark.

We have already installed our Tripod Adapter (ADATRI) for mounting a 400, 600E, Mach1GTO or Mach2GTO on this rock-solid beauty. The adapter now has six side-bolt through-slots so that all four mounts can be oriented with one of the tripod legs facing the pole. Our adapter to accept a Losmandy Mount (LM2APT) can be used with the ADATRI, further expanding versatility.

If you use the Control Box Adapter for Piers and Tripods (CBAPT) for your GTOCP4 or GTOCP3 Control Box, you will also need the Control Box Extension Adapter (Q6280KIT). This extension will allow the CBAPT to clear the locking levers on the legs.

Height adjustable: 35.5" to 54.5" (90 cm to 138 cm)
Capacity: 175+ lbs (80+ kg)
Minimum length: 38.25" (97 cm)
Transport diameter: 9.5" (24 cm)
Weight: 24.2 lb. (11 kg)
Tray: 16" (40.6 cm) each side

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