Baader T-2 Amici Prism Diagonal, 90 Degree (BP2)

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Amici prisms are ideally suited for terrestrial observations when upright and non-reversed images are most pleasing or low-power, wide-field astronomy. They are not suitable for use in medium and high-power applications such as lunar/planetary or double star viewing. 

All Amici-prisms – no matter how good they are – suffer from one design feature: There is a line going through the center of the image, where both sides of the prism surfaces com together. This may cause reflections or spikes. To some extent, this will always happen when a bright object like a star is viewed in front of a dark background like the night sky. For this reason, we recommend a mirror diagonal for astronomical observations. For the T-2 system, we recommend the Baader T-2 Mirror Diagonal (BP1A)

Features of the Amici Prism Diagonal:

  • T-2/90 degree Baader Roof-Prism. Manufactured to Zeiss standard 
  • Multi-coated prism.
  • Solid metal body, T-2 system threads on both sides, therefore extremely short and adaptable when used with other components of the T-2 system.


Use with other components of the T-2 system for versatility.
Baader T-2 System Chart
Baader T-2 System Parts list. Astro-Physics carries some of these components designated by our part number that begins with BP and includes the reference number on the chart. We can special order any others that would like to have.