BAADER 2" BDS Steeltrack® T-2a Adapter (BPS582T2)


The Baader 2" BDS Steeltrack® T-2a Adapter is used in place of the 2” ClickLock® eyepiece clamp that is on the Herschel prism. This shortens the Herschel prism spacing by approximately 28 mm, allowing the attachment of bino-viewers and mirrorless cameras.

When using a bino-viewer remove the Clicklock® clamp and replace it with the Diamond Steeltrack® T-2 adapter. Screw the T-2 quick changer (from the bino-viewer) to the T-2 thread. Now you can attach the bino-viewer to the T-2 changer. You will need to use either the 1.25x or 1.7x glasspath compensator.

A mirrorless camera is attached by using a 42 mm camera T-ring which is screwed to the adapter.