Canon EOS Mirrorless Camera Adapter with large diameter stainless steel “RF” Lens bayonet. For Stowaway 92FF and 92 TCC (CAN25-RF)

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The CAN25-RF adapter is designed for attaching your Canon EOS mirrorless camera to the 92 Stowaway Field Flattener (92FF) and Telecompressor Corrector (92TCC).

The CAN25-RF adapter features our large diameter stainless steel EOS mirrorless bayonet fitting for secure attachment of your valuable mirrorless camera. It provides the precise spacing distance needed from the flattener and TCC to the camera’s sensor.

The adapter can be swapped back and forth between the flattener and TTC optics, as they both have the same spacing requirements.

Please note: this adapter can NOT be used with Canon “EF” or “FD” camera bodies.

This adapter has a net spacing distance of 1.74" (44.1 mm).


Refer to the following diagrams for additional information regarding spacing: