1/4-20 Machined Knob Kit, set of three black-anodized, aluminum knobs with tapered shanks (M1485KBKIT)

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These "way-cool" knobs with sure-grip profile and elegantly tapered shank are CNC machined of aluminum, black-anodized and assembled with a 1/4-20 stainless socket head cap screw. They were designed to replace the plastic knobs used in the past for our Mach1GTO, 400, 600 and 600E mounts as well as past and current accessories.

Substitute for original knobs in these applications:

  • Attach your Mach2GTO, Mach1GTO, 400, 600 or 600E mounts to your pier or tripod. (Note: some earlier versions of the 400, 600, or 600E may require additional washers due to shallower tapped depth in mount base.)
  • Azimuth lockdown knobs on your Mach1GTO or 400 mount.
  • Attach your 4" or 8" Pier Extensions (EAGLE6E4 or EAGLE6E8) to your EAGLE6-EZ, EAGLE6, AWTBER2, AWT000, SDS400, 6" Astro-Physics Piers or ADATRI.
  • Attach the LM2APT adapter (fits Losmandy mount) to your EAGLE6, AWT000, SDS400, 6" Astro-Physics Piers or ADATRI.
  • Any other projects for which they are suitable.

The diameter of the knob is 1.25"
Length of the machined portion is 1" and thread length is 0.85"

The kit includes three knobs with compatible washers (stainless steel flat washer; 9/32" I.D., 5/8" O.D., 0.050" thickness) so that the fine finish of your mount and pier are not marred.